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Strengthened extractions from plants are called essential oils. The benefits of essential oils are numerous as it soothes nasal aroma, stress reliever treats bacterial infections. The soothing benefits of essential oils can also help you sleep well. The distillation of extraction turns its essence into a liquid form and makes it ready to use for everyone. They should not be named perfumes because of the aromatic characteristics of these essential oils. They are pure plant extractors and the latter include chemical compounds. It is named “essential” because they contain the essence i.e. plants fragrance.

The significant benefit that is known worldly is its use for aromatherapy. This alternative form of medicine includes the magic power of healing with the additional quality of great smell to induce relaxation. The process of making essential oils has large diversity. In the past, people were interested in getting these oils through pressing. The invention of distillation had made it easier than before. The raw plant materials include leaves, bark, flowers, roots, and seeds. These are put into an alembic over water. The process continues following the further steps of steaming and vaporizing these volatile compounds until the vapours are collected in the vessel.

Essential oils have more than 90 types. Here in greekblacksheep you will find the most known and used 23 types of essential oils.