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It\\\'s time to soothe a multitude of eye diseases with only one product.

The eye drops basically keep our eyes moist and moisturize them when needed. However, their pharmaceutical value has acquired a different range!

Eye drops are indicated for inflammations, glaucoma and irritations, while the results are not bad for allergies as well.

Ideal for:

  • People with dry eyes.

They provide deep hydration and replenish the eye fluid when your body does not produce the necessary amount. No more dryness – feel your eyelids soft!

  • Sensitive eyes.

They improve  and heal the irritated surface, as they eliminate bad sensation and tingling. Excellent protection after use.

  • People with allergies.

Suitable product for prevention before and after an allergic crisis. It helps significantly in irritation and relieves its symptoms.

The administration of eye drops is a safe procedure and with minimal side effects for both adults and children (consult a specialist).

In the case of herbal eye drops, such as those of Greek black sheep, we are talking about even safer products.

The ingredients are basically natural, such as plant extracts and zero chemicals and additives are included in the whole process!

These eye drops are completely pure preparations and are available for you at the Greek black sheep store.