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Whether on a frequent or rarer basis, facial cleansing should be done regardless of gender and age.

The right cleaning products are therefore necessary.

At Greek black sheep we provide herbal cleansing emulsions and peeling products to take care of your face properly.

What do you gain with a good facial cleansing?

Remove dead cells, pollutants, powders and sebums which when accumulated on the skin cause dermatitis, acne and other annoying conditions.

In addition, you clean and unclog  the pores which  make it easier for your skin to accept other toiletries.

And of course cleaning and grooming on a regular basis has anti-aging effects on the skin.

In our product line we are focused on giving a solution to different types of facial skin.

All our herbal preparations are available in 2 forms: for both oily and dry skin, so that everyone can find what they need!

At the same time, we look at our products being made of completely natural and skin-friendly ingredients.

We always avoid artificial and harmful materials and strive for our cleaning products to be with completely reduced side effects.

All these, of course, taking advantage of our experience and know-how for 10 years in the field!

Take your time and browse, as you can trust any of our products without fear.