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Hydration is the A and Z for a beautiful and radiant skin and is a necessary procedure to follow daily, winter – summer. Apart from the skin of the face, we should not neglect the need to moisturize the skin of the body.

Every day the skin weakens, loses some of the hydrolipid film that protects it, without us realizing it. That\\\’s why it needs hydration. When the skin \\\”thirsts\\\” ,it looks dull and wild so we look more tired and old.

When using them:

  • deeply moisturize the skin
  • have an anti-aging effect
  • protect against free radicals
  • tighten and give elasticity to the skin
  • are ideal for very dry skin
  • have softening properties
  • are hypoallergenic
  • reduce accumulated local thickness
  • activate the microcirculation of the skin
  • offer protection against freckles, stains, irritations
  • protect against UV-radiation and photoaging

All skin types need hydration and care.

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