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Experience an effective and easy form of treatment of many different ailments, irritations and other similar health issues!

Our herbal therapeutic creams are a wide range of products made with materials based on nature, which are administered and combat:

Allergies, herpes, fungal infection, hemorrhoids… and a great range of other diseases that may be bothering you!

As Greek black sheep we focus on involving nature in everything we do and use it as a basis in all our products.

With her help, we take advantage of the plant ingredients and channel them in

creams without chemicals, additives and harmful elements.

Each of the creams in our line has extremely low risks for side effects and relapses – even after long-term use – thanks to the way and the ingredients by which they are made.

The manufacturing process is done in an equally healthy and natural way without altering the quality and therapeutic potential

Compared to similar products on the market we make sure to offer excellent quality and top efficiency.

Through our variety and 15 different creams, we solve many of your health problems!

Of course, we also recommend that you refer to your doctor or pharmacist before administration in order to cover people with special cases and sensitivities.