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Extracts are therapeutic and soothing preparations resulting from the condensation of plant ingredients.

This in fact makes them quite friendly to the body and provides us with all their beneficial properties.

For extraction we have various methods such as steam distillation, solvent extraction or supercritical extraction with CO2 carbon dioxide.

In herbal extracts we prefer water or glycerin as a carrier (i.e. as a base), in order to keep as many benefits as possible from the plant!

In herbs we also have a different extraction process depending on the type of herb and the part we want to extract.

At Greek black sheep ,of course, we always choose the right and correct methods and so we always achieve the best therapeutic result!

The simplest and most common process of processing herbs, are water-based preparations, and then we have the alcoholic extracts and oil.

Herbal extracts in general provide us with the most active form of treatment from plants. By extracting herbs and medicinal plants ,either with oils or with some glycol, the beneficial properties of both the plant and the extraction medium are preserved.

In particular, there are huge benefits for the skin through the extracts. You will see great improvement in appearance, texture and shine, while in general if you follow the selection of extracts you will find solutions for many ailments.

With a quick look at our range you will get a complete picture of what the extracts can do for you!