Summer has come; Some small tips for a better body!

Is it too late to make a difference to your body in the summer? No! Your time is sufficient and all you need are some effective tips and the right products, which will do good for your body. All these are what we’ll see below…

Lose those few extra pounds

Right now you don’t need any crazy exercise combined with a hard diet to see results.

All you need is to lose just a little fat, so that the metabolism wakes up and you have the room in the summer to enjoy meals without remorse.

How is this going to be done?

  1. A lot of water! Water helps fat cells break down and keeps the body healthy.


  1. Limit excesses. Small things like putting butter in a fry before eating it, frying with butter instead of olive oil or putting more salt in the potatoes is where the damage is done.


  1. A little exercise isn’t bad as well. We’re not talking about fighting in the gym in the summer, but a leisurely jog or a short walk for 20 to 30 minutes in the morning ,is the right thing to do.


But it’s not just the advice that’s enough. For more drastic results we have the solution provided by nature.


We recommend the vitamins weight control VIT 12, capable of satisfying exactly your purpose. These vitamins increase calorie burning while preventing fat storage!


In addition, extracts for weight control and weight loss TINCT 10 will be equally useful.


You still have time to tighten.

skin moisturizing

Tightening is a process by which you can make a significant change to your body, without much effort!

In order to achieve the tightening we want:


  1. Anything that applies to the loss of pounds for water.
  2. To base ourselves on not getting too out of our calories. Careful nutrition especially in the evening. No fat, because it’s stored directly.
  3. If we exercise, a few weights are ideal. Not something demanding… and small weights or even full bottles of water are enough.


Nature has also provided here for you and with our help provides you with the top tightening products!


First we have the K18 body cream for local slimming and tightening.

With some applications you will see loss of local thickness and a significant reduction in fluid retention – which are largely responsible for the extra pounds.

Get rid of stretch marks and cellulite.

Stretch marks and cellulite afflict many bodies and the point is that they appear due to many causes! … acne, pregnancy, old age, etc.

Regardless of cause and age, you can still fight stretch marks and cellulite.

First of all ,in order to achieve this you need reverent skin care and continuous hydration, because when you experience stretch marks your body is damaged and needs care!

Herbal products 100% suitable for not leaving your skin neglected are:

The treatment sports oil 01 and the Hydration Emulsion K22.

However, you will also find products that are made with elements of nature, targeted at stretch marks and cellulite.

We recommend the body cream’’ K19’’ for stretch marks and tightening or the oil treatment oil ‘’OIL 03’’ that eliminates cellulite once and for all!

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